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Message from the IB Coordinator – Mr. Nicholas Evans

Release time: 22nd May 2015

It has been an honour and privilege to teach and mentor you on your  journey to graduation. Each and every one of you has faced some exceptionally challenging obstacles throughout the IB Diploma and Utahloy Diploma Programmes.  

You will all feel mixed emotions over the coming weeks, some of you will feel elated, some of you will feel anxious waiting for your exam results, but you have all achieved success.  Regardless of results, your hard work and dedication have prepared you for life and your future. 

Something I have always reminded myself of throughout the years, is from a well known American author, William A Ward:  "Success is a state of mind, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you can dream it, you can become it."
Each moment of your future, starting now, will present challenges. Stay in the present, do not think too far into the future and do not look to far back into the past, remember each challenge is an opportunity to learn something.  

As you look forward to University and Vocational endeavours, don’t forget to look back on the friends you have made, the support your family has given you, the teachers who have cared for you, and all the life lessons you have learned at UISZ.  

Well done for all that you have achieved, I am extremely proud of you this evening. 


Nicholas Evans

IB Diploma Coordinator